At home with technology

At home with technology

• Technology that fits your design vision and lifestyle

• Hidden cabling infrastructure that does what you need, now and in the future

• Experts designing bespoke systems to create great experiences in your home

• Everything connected, everything works

About Us

Owen Maddock started ConnectedWorks with the belief that technology should be simple, beautiful and sometimes even invisible.

Technology in the home should be so intuitive you forget it’s there, yet should create unforgettable sensory experiences for you to share with friends and family.

Our Services

  CINEMA & TV                      WI-FI                         SMART HOME                         MUSIC                         DESIGN

Your Project

On any size of build, the most expensive cable is the one you didn’t run. So talk to us as early in the process as possible, and prevent unforeseen costs.


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Entertainment and ‘tech’ is hugely personal, we all have our own priorities and preferences.

You might be a music lover, film aficionado or you may want super-fast Wi-Fi everywhere…

Get in touch to discuss your needs. Normally, we’ll assess the space or build in person after our initial conversation.