How much does
Home Cinema really cost?

It's not really a single figure, but we can look at and explain the cost ranges.

There are three main elements - system hardware, your personal choices, and installation works.

System hardware

That's the sound system - surround processor, amplifiers, speakers and acoustic treatment, and the video system - projector and screen.

The main factor is room size. All these rooms would make a great Home Cinema, but the cost to equip them - to the same standard - varies like this:

3 x 4 x 2.2m, Vol 26㎥
Screen: width 2.8m, area 4.4㎡

4 x 5 x 2.8m, Vol 56㎥
Screen: width 3.3m, area 6.1㎡

6 x 8 x 3.2m, Vol 154㎥
Screen: width 4.2m, area 9.9㎡

The viewing angle is what dictates how big the picture seems - it's the same across all three rooms. It's like you're two-thirds back in a commercial cinema, where the premium seats are.

You'll see how much the room volume and screen area increase, and how in larger rooms we need more speakers.

To get these figures we worked everything out, according to film industry standards - the correct speaker positions, enough sound pressure level for all seats, reduced echo (RT60) for the room, ensured enough screen brightness and worked out the sightlines so that everyone can watch in comfort.

You say 'from' - what's the catch?

There isn't a catch, but there are options. These upgrades are all worth making:

Native 4K resolution

Laser-based projector - comes on instantly, no replacement lamp costs, better blacks and contrast, brightness never drops over time

High projector brightness - especially useful in a multi-use cinema/media room

More amplifier power makes the performance more effortless

Extra loudspeakers for more immersive, convincing, 3D audio

Aspect masking screen - the black border moves, to match what you're watching.

Your personal choices

The Rack

Stores all equipment safely, allowing good airflow and super-tidy cable management. It's not optional, but the size depends on your system - do you have a Sky box and an Apple TV, or do you also have disc player, consoles, streamers, video matrix and movie server...

A whole home worth of smart technology is often stored with the cinema system - that'll need much more racking.

From £500.

Control System

Fire up the system, dim the lights, switch inputs, operate all the equipment, switch everything off again afterwards - a control system is a must. It's a dark room, so a handset with real buttons is best.

There are different levels of processor, handset and programming - chosen to suit the system size and complexity.

From £1500.


Great lighting makes a huge difference to the feel of the room. In cinema rooms we use lighting for dramatic effect - plus task lighting for seats so you don't spill your drink. Lights should be remote controlled and dimmable.

From £750, plus lights.


Sofas, cinema style seating, or both? 'Cinema sofas' are popular too - stylish, but with motorised head and footrests, really comfortable.

Dedicated cinema seats from £1250 per person.

Home Cinema Installation

The scope of works will dictate the cost.

The Basics

Running all cables neatly, mounting loudspeakers and screen, rack build, make all connections, check, test and system setup.

Equipment locations, speaker count, wall chasing, and the size / complexity of the system will affect the price.

Cinema room install: three days for senior engineer and technician, including full setup and calibration, from £2250.


We're often engaged as part of a build or refurb. Here we need to plan things out in great detail - usually the on-site electricians will want to run system cabling around their existing plans for the build.

To make sure this goes well, we create detailed documentation - cable schedules and system drawings - to make sure everything is in the right place. We visit shortly after first fix  to double-check everything.

Detailed design, cable schedule and drawings: from £750.


Sometimes we need to do a bit more:

• Build strong platforms for tiered seating, projector housing, or a separate projection room and equipment cupboard.

• Install fabric walls or modular panel system to conceal speakers and acoustic treatments.

For these jobs we can work with your builders or bring ours.

From: survey and estimate are needed.

What happens now?

You should have a good idea of the room size, or how many people you'd like to entertain, and anything special you'd like to add.

The information above should give you a good feel for the main costs.

To refine things further, and if you have questions - or to start planning your very own private screening room - please get in touch.