Home Cinema Rooms
& Media Spaces

A dedicated Home Cinema Room in 2.35 aspect with 3.3m projection screen

Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms

  • A dark room. That means a better picture and fewer distractions.
  • May have rows of seating, to allow for more people.
  • Always features a projector and screen – to get the sizes needed.
  • Often in 2.35:1 ‘cinemascope’ widescreen.
  • When you walk in, it feels like a cinema.

We must follow Cinema Design rules – guidelines that have evolved over the years for designing cinema spaces.

That means careful calculations for:


Too wide and you can’t see the edges; too narrow just isn’t cinema.


Can everyone see properly, and view comfortably?


Large rooms need a lot more power just to get the right levels.


Bass needs to be consistent through the listening area. To do that, we need subwoofers – in pairs.

We calculate all this and more in advance, from the room dimensions and desired size of audience – giving you optimal performance.

Mixed-use Media Spaces

  • Light and airy – or dark and intimate.
  • No rows or tiered seating
  • A mixed-purpose, social space
  • May have a projection system or flat-panel display – or both.

All the quality considerations are exactly the same – it’s no good if bass is uneven, some people can’t see, the levels are wrong, or speakers are in the wrong place.

For a memorable, convincing cinema experience, performance matters.

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