Home Cinema Rooms
& Media Spaces

A dedicated Home Cinema Room in 2.35 aspect with 3.3m projection screen

Dedicated Home Cinema Rooms

  • A dark room. That means a better picture and fewer distractions.
  • May have rows of seating, to allow for more people.
  • Always features a projector and screen – to get the sizes needed.
  • Often in 2.35:1 ‘cinemascope’ widescreen.
  • When you walk in, it feels like a cinema.

We must follow Cinema Design rules – guidelines that have evolved over the years for designing cinema spaces.

That means careful calculations for:


Too wide and you can’t see the edges; too narrow just isn’t cinema.


Can everyone see properly, and view comfortably?


Large rooms need a lot more power just to get the right levels.


Bass needs to be consistent through the listening area. To do that, we need subwoofers – in pairs.

We calculate all this and more in advance, from the room dimensions and desired size of audience – giving you optimal performance.

Mixed-use Media Spaces

  • Light and airy – or dark and intimate.
  • No rows or tiered seating
  • A mixed-purpose, social space
  • May have a projection system or flat-panel display – or both.

All the quality considerations are exactly the same.

It’s no good if bass is uneven, some people can’t see, the levels are wrong, or speakers are in the wrong place.

For a memorable, convincing cinema experience, performance matters.

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