Why do I need a Control System?

Simplify your Life

Modern living is complicated. Technology plays a part - the TV system, music system, lighting, wi-fi, heating... too much to think about when you're already busy.

Then there's having to brief your guests and babysitters. If you've ever had that phone call from your Mum, partner or house-sitter just before an important meeting you know exactly what we mean.

Ideally, all your favourite settings should already be there for you, or on a pre-programmed schedule you can easily override when you need.

That's exactly what a control system does - everything is tied together with a simple, consistent interface and scheduler. You're in complete control - but now everything is simple and accessible.

Phones and tablets

Phones and tablets are life-changingly brilliant, but when it comes to your home control they aren't the complete answer.

Watching TV

Here you want something you can work blind, without taking your eyes of the screen. Let's face it - when watching with the kids, you're probably on your phone already. The best answer is always a tactile handset, with good visual feedback - real buttons and a smaller touchscreen.

Tablets on the wall

This can be good, but only if the tablet is never used for other jobs - we can lock out the other functions if you need us to. Otherwise they tend to slow up a bit. While iOS devices last longer than Android ones, they still have a finite design life - a dedicated device is a better choice.


You absolutely must have tactile feedback, just like you do when watching TV. This might mean a keypad like Lutron and Rako have, but we also work on historic properties, and here we really like 'real light switches', linked in to a clever system.

Where your phones and tablets come in really handy is as a backup - say if the remote is on the other sofa, or if you want to turn the cinema off from the bedroom, or even if you want to manage your other home.

Phones and tablets are perfect for these more occasional uses.

Which make is best?

The boring answer is that all the established makes, deployed well by a trained and seasoned specialist, should keep you happy. Smaller, startup companies are a risk - will they be there when you need updates or support?

We have two control system partners, chosen carefully for these reasons:


Savant is closely aligned with Apple™ and aims to match them for quality, simplicity and extreme ease of use. At the upper end of the range, Savant use the Mac Pro and Mac mini as central processors.

The Savant handset and app environments are simple, classy and luxurious.

Savant Scenes on iPhoneRTI

Super-customisable, and really useful for 'interesting cases' like multiple displays, or unusual and bespoke graphics.

RTI lets us design our own interfaces to suit a particular project. Most RTI handsets feature number buttons, which some clients prefer.

CEDIA Member of Excellence

Talk to us about your technology project and we'll be delighted to help you find the right control system.

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