Data Security for Smart Homes

We read the news. The US Democrats, the PlayStation Network and lots of not-so ‘smart’ devices have been compromised in some way, completely unknown to those in charge.

It’s enough to put you off. But wait. By following a few key principles you can enjoy all the benefits of smart living, without risk.

1) Secure everything!

Turns out that default usernames and passwords were in use, such as ‘admin’/’password’ and so on. That really shouldn’t happen – everything on a network needs a unique, strong password.

Should everything be online all the time? Probably not. Do you need access to devices when you’re away? Only if it’s useful – so lighting, heating and cameras.

Change the password and remove 80% of the risk.

2) Choose suppliers with care

We look for suppliers who respect your privacy. That means key information is stored locally, not in the cloud, and there should be no requirement to track or store your data.

A dedicated control processor inside your home should run everything, with various systems separate, but linked. Then if the network fails, lights, heating, cameras and entertainment will all still work.

Established home control companies are absolutely the best choice – firstly, they work with the largest number of devices. Secondly – the specialists have a small, niche user base. It’s not worth the hackers’ while looking for them!

We call it The Internet Of Better Things.

3) Don’t be silly

The chances are that if computers – including phones and tablets – get attacked, it was something you did. That may mean clicking a link you shouldn’t have, or using pirated content. There’s no doubt, email phishing becomes more and more convincing, we all know someone who’s fallen for it.

Another thing to watch for is your children! Talk to them, and stay on top of when they’re online. If that doesn’t work, we can help you control their access.

4) Seek qualified help

There’s a lot of detail to keep on top of. For a seamless, reliable tech experience it’s prudent to hand over to a trained expert.


We know what will work well together, we’re highly experienced and most of all, we’re qualified to give you a great experience and absolute peace of mind.

As CEDIA Certified ESC-N Networking Specialists, our absolute focus is on home systems – for people like you, with children, computers, and busy lives.

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