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We're revamping our FAQ section with more in-depth information - now that we know what our most frequently asked questions really are.

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This sounds complicated!

For us, it’s not. As trained specialists, we know what we’re doing.

So for you, it’s not – a well-designed system is much simpler than what most people have, which is bits cobbled together over time.

We take great care at the brief stage, and the system we’ll create is entirely designed around your preferences.

We’ll hide the functions you don’t need and put complex steps onto single buttons. We’ve chosen products we can program and lay out precisely, without ‘one size fits all’ templates – so if you need us to, we can change things.

How much do you cost?

Great question, but hard to answer as the scope varies so much.

Every project we do is tailored to the client, and to their home.

Some want a few services, others really go for it. Room sizes make a big difference to spec – especially with audio and video systems, and that naturally affects the costs.

A few ideas:

Media Rooms

High quality sound and vision from £12,500

Wi-fi everywhere

Managed access point systems from £1,500

Video matrix distribution

From £1,500 depending on sources, screens, 1080 vs 4K and control options

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