Home control & UX

It's not really 'I want to do this'. That's quite easy. It's about having - and delivering - a good experience when doing it.

Imagine driving 100 miles in a 20-year old van, compared with getting there in a comfortable, well-engineered modern car.

RTI T2i controller featuring custom user interface, programmed by ConnectedWorks

At ConnectedWorks we love programming control systems, not just to do all the jobs, but to make it enjoyable. So what does that mean?

  • Clean, clear graphics

  • Logical, intuitive layouts

  • Commonly used functions always to hand.

  • Hard buttons for use in the dark - vital for a cinema system.

  • Fully customisable - anything from changing the text size to re-imagining the whole interface.

It's hard to explain - until you experience it.

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