Invisible Technology

Sometimes we face resistance about adding technology to a home or a project. Shocking, I know. The single biggest objection is ‘I don’t want to see it’.

And that’s really no problem! Lots of ways to incorporate some very smart tech, without seeing it at all.

But if you don’t plan for technology, you’ll definitely have to see it.

Invisible Speakers

The quality is remarkably good – far better than you might imagine. Plaster-over and plaster-up-to designs can fill a room quite easily. They can also be covered with wallpaper, wood veneer, even a thin layer of stone or concrete.

Invisible Cinema

Disappears completely when not in use.

Invisible Wi-Fi

The key here is placement. Wireless access points give great coverage in a larger home, but they look technical, which probably won’t suit the room. Avoid the problem by running the cables needed into cupboards, loft voids, the utility room instead of kitchen, behind bedside cabinets… anywhere you can’t see.

Invisible Lighting Control

Modern lighting control systems will interface with ‘classic’ switches from any make. So enjoy real switches – for the look you like and a firm, positive, ‘click’, plus all the scene-setting, convenience and security benefits of smart lighting.

Invisible Cables

We’ll cable your home for all your requirements – with both eyes on the future. So even if you don’t add X or Y system straightaway, you can do it later, without adding cables on the surface or needing a plasterer.

It’s all possible – but needs a lot of planning.

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