Private Screening Rooms

Why would I want a Home Cinema?

Lose yourself

It's all in the performance, that experience of being inside the film. Drama, passion, excitement - from adventures to romantic comedies, with emotions driven by a full-bodied orchestral soundtrack.

The cinema experience is unforgettable - the picture fills your senses and the sound takes you away to another place.

We can take you to the best demonstration cinemas in the country, so you can see, hear and feel it for yourself.

First though, let's look at the issues:

Not just for films

These rooms have many other uses, such as:

Epic Box Sets

Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Stranger Things - incredibly well made, high definition masterpieces with fantastic sound, that can entertain you for hours. You can't even see them at the cinema.


Big and little kids alike can enjoy Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, or something a little gentler. With immersive picture and sound, there's no better way to be right in the action, yet with huge screen and surround sound, still very social.


Whether you love the rugby, football, golf, or tennis, or all of it - this is as close as it gets to being there, and a great way to watch with friends.

Private Screening, or Media Room?

  • Private Screening Room

  • Media Room

Can a 50" TV and soundbar really create a small cinema? We don't think it's the same.

We aim for real cinema, at home, creating your very own private screening room.

A media room is similar, but multi-use. It's your living room, with great audio and video performance.

Cinema or Media Room:
  • Media rooms mostly have windows and work well in the light. Cinemas don't usually have windows, and are much darker.
  • A media room hardly ever has rows of seats, cinemas often do.
  • Dual display is popular in media rooms - projector system with a flatscreen behind for day-to-day. This works really well - you don't want the news too big!
  • Designed according to the key industry standards for audio and video, working from the size of the room.
  • High quality - the better the performance level, the more convincing the effect.
  • Whichever style you go for, this needs to be special enough that you sit up and take notice.

Cinematic Media Room

Giving you the best of both - the real cinema experience, in a relaxed, social space.

This is somewhere you can enjoy genuinely immersive entertainment, and good company afterwards.

Cinematic Media Room

So which should I go for?

I don't know... but here are some ideas to help you choose.

First, what's your gut feel? Close your eyes, imagine having a great time watching films with family or friends. Are you in a private screening room, or a more informal relaxed setting? Great - go with it.

Next, more practically, think about your home, or your build project.

Ground floor extensions often create a darker room in the centre. This room suits either job - and is right by the kitchen, for snacks and drinks. Similarly, not every room in a new build is light and airy. Cinemas are a great use for 'problem child' extra rooms.

Basements work really well - they're already quite dark and may have reduced headroom.

A loft room is absolutely workable, but take care with the roof line, screen size, and noise spill.

Whether it's a private screening room, media room or best of both, we'd love to help you make it a reality.

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