Cinema & TV

‘The purpose of cinema is to make you forget you’re in a theatre’

Cinema at home can be magical. The more convincing the effect, the easier it is to step in to the drama on screen.

Cinema Rooms & Media Spaces


So many devices, all trying to connect at the same time. Now add stone walls, structural steel, neighbour networks – sometimes it just doesn’t work.

We’re trained to give you great wi-fi everywhere – full speed, full strength, and glitch-free.

CEDIA Certified Networking Specialist

Smart Home

Imagine that your home already knows what the weather is like, when it’s light or dark out, and if you’re in.

With a bespoke home control system you can: control your home from anywhere – let deliveries and your kids in, wherever you are, simulate occupancy when you’re away, and check the CCTV to give you peace of mind.


Music you can feel.

Built-in to the fabric of your home – as a style statement, discreetly placed, or completely invisible.


Building projects are a fantastic opportunity to get your home ready for the future.

We’ll create a future-friendly wiring infrastructure for all your entertainment, wi-fi and smart home needs.

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