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Cinema & TV

Believe in Magic

Cinema at home can be magical. The more convincing the effect, the more you step inside the drama.

Home Cinema and Media Rooms

We can also offer HD everywhere - watch everything on every TV, and keep the technical clutter away from your living space.


Stay connected

Larger homes, or those with stone and steel construction, can suffer with dead spots or dropouts. Parents often want control over kids' usage.

We'll give you great wi-fi everywhere you want – full speed, full strength, and glitch-free.

CEDIA Certified Networking Specialist

Lighting & Shading

Automated Lights, Blinds & Curtains

Great lighting transforms the look of a room. A lighting control system makes it easier, with added benefits of automation and security.

Automated blinds and curtains keep glare out, reduce solar gain, and stop your soft furnishings and artworks from fading in the sun.


Can you feel it?

Your favourite music stays with you forever. Do it justice with performance you can feel.

That can be built in to the fabric of your home - as a style statement, discreetly placed, or completely invisible.

Smart Home

Better living through technology

Pause the music when the doorbell rings. Dim the lights from your TV remote. Wake up to natural sunlight from your automated blinds.

A home control system ties it all together - for your convenience.