How to choose a Smart Home Installation Professional

There's usually a reason to get people like us round... most commonly a build project, or sometimes a single-room job like a home cinema installation.

As a reminder, our main specialties are:

 • Entertainment - home cinema, media rooms, TV distribution, and whole-home music

 • Wi-Fi and networking - for great coverage and speed, with parental control and management

 • Automated lights and blinds/curtains

 • Other smart home services - such as door entry, CCTV, and heating control.

So having decided that you'd like some of what we do, how do you pick a company to help?

Can't my electrician do it?

Maybe. It's a bit of a blurry boundary.

Some don't want to be involved with the data side of things, and would rather concentrate on the core task for electricians - safely providing your power, to a high standard of workmanship.

Some offer quite a limited selection of 'smart' products, so then it depends if their choices suit your needs.

Others offer the full package - likely to be larger firms, with some staff dedicated to smart home.

Normally we expect a residential build project to use:

 • Home Technology Specialist - that's us or a similar provider

 • Site electricians / M&E Consultant

 • Lighting Designer - we offer this service, and we're just as happy to work with a good quality lighting design from elsewhere.

We believe that specialist disciplines need specialists. Which leads us neatly to:

Are they qualified?

We carry all the certifications for a Home Technology Professional, just as you might expect - but do check, as not everyone does.

Certified Designer, Networking Specialist and Technician. That means we're trained to follow best practices in our designs and installations. A well implemented system should follow industry standards and have both eyes on your future needs.

The ideal is to have the qualifications and real-world experience. On that, we've been working in digital entertainment since 1998, and as smart home and networking specialists since 2010, and so we've come across - and resolved - most pitfalls you see on these types of project, both technical and practical.

Do they have happy clients? Is the work good?

We're delighted we can say yes to this. Most recently, one of our projects was honoured as 'Best Media Room - EMEA' at the 2018 CEDIA Awards.

Our list of happy clients is long and growing. You can see other recent work here.

Are they insured?

Mistakes or oversights can happen to anyone, but you mustn't suffer. We carry £1m of public liability and professional indemnity insurance, which is also a condition of CEDIA membership. All CEDIA member companies should be correctly insured - but do check!

Do you like the ideas?

What generally happens is a bit of back and forth. You've got ideas, but we know a bit more about the subject - that won't work, because we've tried it before - but this should work really nicely.

We'll try to listen and learn about what you like, and how you want things to look and behave, while you gain the benefit of our training and experience.

You'll spend a lot of time at home, and you want to relax, so things need to look right and perform really well. The keypads and wall switches are absolutely design critical for how it all looks and works. You need to like them. If you don't, you'll hate them in three years' time.

Don't be afraid to explore things in detail. This your home, it's where you come to wind down after a hard day at work - so this really needs to be right.

We've won plenty of work over the years because a competitor ignored or glossed over the client's objections. We try to listen harder, and come up with a solution that everyone likes.

Do you like the people?

Honestly, this is so important. Your tech guy or guys should be coming back  - we hope only occasionally - for many years after the build completes, for updates and changes. It's vital that you can work well and get on together. Some really talented providers fail a bit on this - great knowledge and ability, but a bit prickly to deal with.

Ask yourself, are you happy to have these people in your home?

If you like us, or you think you might, please get in touch. We'd love to help.