Smart Lighting – Set the Scene

What’s the point?

Great question – here are some ideas.

Set the scene

Great lighting can transform the look of a home.

Pendant lighting reflection detail

In the kitchen, you’ll have at least 4 light circuits, probably more. The standard control is a bank of unlabelled switches or dimmers. Faced with that, we all do the same thing – put them all on full. Some lights will be up too bright, which looks harsh.

A properly programmed, scene-setting system is much easier to use, with simple-to-follow scenes like ‘Bright’, ‘Cooking’, ‘Dinner’, and ‘Party’ – and the room will look so much better.

Domestic harmony

Little kids – and some bigger ones – are terrible for leaving lights on. Avoid silly arguments with a system that switches the downstairs lights off automatically. You could also switch outside lights on and off when it suits, in line with dusk and dawn.

Stay secure

You may remember – or even still use – a time-switched table lamp for when you go away. Now imagine all the lights doing that, at different times. Modern lighting systems have ‘holiday mode’ – play back the lighting from the week before. Pretty convincing – it looks just like you’re at home!

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